TOUR REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Registration will remain open through the tournament season.


The Cog Hill Junior Tour (CHJT) is a series of individual stroke play events comprised of junior golfers seeking a competitive golfing environment.


The CHJT is open to boys and girls between the ages of 13 and 18 (as of June 1st, 2017).  High school graduates are eligible for tournament play only during the summer immediately following their high school graduation


$65- Full Membership (Spring & Summer Events)

Membership includes:

-CHJT Memberhsip Kit  -CHJT Bag Tag   -USGA Rules of Golf Book   -Event Awards

-Eligibility to play in CHJT stroke play events


EVENT FEE:   $45/event


For any questions regarding the CHJT, please contact our Tour Director Chris Poolitsan at or 866.COG.HILL Ext 318.


The CHJT prefers that all players carry a USGA Handicap.  This year’s entry contains a space for your Handicap Index.  If you do not have handicap and are interested in obtaining one, please visit the Chicago District Golf Association’s website @ . 


Boys (13-15 Division):       White Tees
Boys (16-18 Division):       Blue Tees
Girls Division:                     Forward Tees


Registration opens 60 minutes prior to the first tee time of the event.  All golfers must register at least 15 minutes prior to their tee time or risk having their tee time conceded to a member of the waitlist. 


All post-event activities (scorecard collection, score posting, awards presentation, etc.) will commence at the Tournament Scoreboard located in front of the Main Clubhouse.


Top 3 places each event will receive awards.  Each participant earns “Player of the Year” points dependent on their finish.  Winners of the Tour Championship and Player of the Year will receive a trophy.


Points will be accumulated in both the Spring and Summer Series events.  Upon completion of the Summer Series' 9th event, 2017 Event Champions (Spring and Summer Series) & the Top 10 golfers from the Boys 13-15 & Boys 16-18 Division’s Point Standings will be invited to play in the season-ending Tour Championship.  The Girls Division Event Champions will receive an invitation, and additional players will depend on participation levels during the season.

Following the Tour Championship, the season’s leading point getter for each division will be named Player of the Year and have his/her name placed on a plaque to be displayed at Cog Hill.   



 1st Place-  100 points   11th Place-  50 points
 2nd Place-  95 Points     12th Place- 45 points
 3rd Place- 90 points   13th Place-  40 points
 4th Place- 85 points   14th Place- 35 points
 5th Place- 80 points    15th Place- 30 points
 6th Place-    75 points   16th Place- 25 points
 7th Place- 70 points   17th Place- 20 points
 8th Place- 65 points    18th Place- 15 points
 9th Place- 60 points     19th & Below- 10 points
 10th Place- 55 points      


The Tour Challenge is a "Ryder Cup" style match, which will pit the CHJT's top 12 players against the Top 12 players from the iTour.  The winning side will retain the Tour Challenge Trophy until the 2017 competition.  The team selection will factor in behavior/etiquette, POY points, etc.  to determine who will represent our tour in the competition.

2016 Challenge Champion:  Team iTour


If it becomes necessary for you to withdraw from a tournament, you MUST notify the Tour Director AT LEAST 48 HOURS prior to the event.  Failure to do so will result in disqualification from your next tour event.  

To withdraw from any CHJT Tour event, please e-mail: .


The USGA Rules of Golf will govern all CHJT events.  Members will receive a complimentary copy of the USGA Rules of Golf as part of the membership packet.  Please familiarize yourselves with the Rules and carry the Rules book in your golf bag at all times.  Rules violations will be determined by the Tour Director and handled as prescribed by the USGA Rules of Golf and PGA of America. 

The “Circle 9 Rule” will also be in effect for pace of play purposes.  The rule limits the strokes taken (penalty strokes included) on an individual hole to a maximum of 9.  At this point, the golfer is asked to pick up their ball on the hole and place a “9” on the scorecard, before heading to the next tee. 

Handheld Yardage Devices are allowed for use in 2017 CHJT Events.


Any conduct deemed detrimental to the CHJT will not be tolerated.  “Detrimental behavior” includes:

Cheating, vulgar or abusive behavior, swearing, club throwing, damage to the golf course, damage to a player’s belongings, possession of alcohol or tobacco products, gambling, walking off the course, and not turning in a scorecard.

Failure to comply will warrant a warning, two stroke penalty, or disqualification, dependent on the severity of the violation.  Multiple or severe violations will result in dismissal from the CHJT with NO REFUND.


A group is considered out of position if it:

1) Falls one hole behind

2) Is taking more than the allotted time per hole to complete. (Par 3- 9 minutes, Par 4-12 minutes, Par 5- 18 minutes)

• Any group that fails to keep its position on the course will be alerted to the fact and requested to play at a faster pace.

The Tour Committee deems a breach of this rule as follows:

First offense - Warning
Second offense – One Stroke
For subsequent offenses - Disqualification.



Proper dress is required at all CHJT events.  Boys’ collared shirts or mock turtlenecks must be worn and tucked in at all times.  Girls’ shirts without a collar must have sleeves and fashion shirts worn untucked must NOT rise above the belt line at any time during the golf swing.  Girls’ shorts MUST be of mid-thigh length. All hats or visors must be worn with the bill to the front. No denim pants/shorts or cut-offs, or golf shoes with metal spikes are permitted.


In order to protect players and spectators, the CHJT requires all players to stop play immediately and seek shelter due to inclement weather such as hearing thunder or seeing lightning or receiving notification by Tour Staff.

NOTE:  Cog Hill does not offer a lightning detection device.

When play is suspended by the Tour Director for a dangerous situation and you are between holes, play shall not restart until the Tour Staff has ordered a resumption of play.  If in the process of playing a hole, mark your golf balls (if nearby) and do not resume play until given clearance by the Tour Staff.  Failure to abide by these rules will result in DISQUALIFICATION.

The Tour Director has the right to reduce the number of holes in an event due to inclement weather.  Any 18 hole event will be considered complete if the entire field has completed 9 holes of play.  In the event of a total rainout, the event fees will be rolled over to another event or refunded at the end of the season.


Spectators are welcome and encouraged to attend all events, but:

MUST stay in the rough or on the cart paths at least 25 yards from the players, and ahead or equal to group.

MAY carry water, umbrellas, jackets, towels, and food for the players.

MAY rent motor carts from the golf shop for a fee of $16 (must be 18 years or older). 

MAY NOT give advice or carry on conversations with the players, which could be construed as ADVICE and players may be penalized for this.



Practice rounds must be arranged with Cog Hill prior to the event and are NOT INCLUDED in the entry fees.  All practice rounds are at the player’s expense.

Please contact Cog Hill at (866) COG-HILL for the 2017 “Junior” fees.



Thank you for your interest in the Cog Hill Junior Tour.  We look forward to seeing a high level of golf, etiquette, and enjoyment from all of our members this season.  Good golfing!!


Katherine Jemsek- President, Cog Hill         Chris Lewellen - CHJT Director


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